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"My kids can see and experience all of the different places and time periods they’re learning about in a deeper way. And I am not the one trying to track down resources for them!" ~Sophie

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"Whether you’re supplementing with another curriculum or are using Homeschool History to unschool, this is all you need!" ~Tiffany

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It doesn't matter what curriculum you are using.

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Homeschool History is a web-based app that you can access from any device. Search by topic, time period, country or region, and type of resource. Find books to check out at your local library. Find videos available to watch for free and movies available on streaming services. Find field trips near and far. Connect with other parents to share ideas and identify the best resources for your family.

The value of your subscription will increase each month as we add new resources to the database. If you have trouble finding something about a particular topic, let us know and we'll help!

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