Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get with my membership?

You can explore our database right now by signing up for a free trial. When you search for a topic in history, you'll get a variety of results--books, videos, audio resources, and historic sites. We are adding new resources each month to make the database even more useful for homeschooling families around the world.

When you look at a resource page, you'll see different information depending on the type of resource. For books, you can often link to Goodreads and do a library search to see if the book is in your local system. Many videos you can play directly on our site. For others, we link to free sites when possible, or help you find the video on streaming sites. For events and historic sites, we provide maps and other details. You can rate resources to share your opinion with other parents.

In addition, you'll have the opportunity to participate in webinars with people who care about history and have important stories to tell.

Check out this overview of what you'll find with Homeschool History:

How much is membership?

We want Homeschool History to be affordable for all homeschooling families. A full-year of access is only $24--just $2 per month!

Payments are processed securely by Stripe, a leading online payment processor. We do not store your credit card information. Your subscription will not renew automatically. When your subscription ends, your account will remain active, but you will need to renew your subscription to continue accessing all of the app features.

Since we offer a free trial, we do not offer refunds on subscriptions.

How do you choose resources for this database?

We are combining our decades of experience studying and teaching history with the recommendations of other homeschoolers to create a comprehensive list of resources. We look at quality, accessibility, and suitability for families.

Homeschool History Top Pick

Resources marked with a gold medal symbol are Homeschool History Top Picks. We have carefully reviewed these resources, and we are confident recommending them to you. Some of our Top Picks may not be suitable for all students, so we provide notes about content you might want to be aware of.

If a resource does not have a Top Pick symbol, we may not have watched every minute or read every page. We have picked carefully based on our research and recommendations from others, but these resources may have objectionable content of which we are not aware. Please let us know if we missed something problematic.

Do your resources focus on one religious or philosophical viewpoint?

We are Christians, and our faith influences the resources we choose to recommend. Among the resources in our database that contain distinctly religious content, the viewpoints reflect a variety of Christian traditions (Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, etc.). Some resources discuss other religious perspectives, too (Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.). Many resources do not have distinctly religious content.

All sorts of homeschooling families can find resources here to help them study history. We are providing tools to help you make decisions, but ultimately, we trust you to choose for your family what you want to read, watch, and visit. We solicit your input as we continue to make this database bigger and better.