How We Choose Resources

Our Goal

Our goal at Homeschool History is to help you find high quality educational supplements that are appropriate for your family. We are constantly reviewing resources and highlighting our favorites as Homeschool History Top Picks. Look for the gold medal symbol as you browse the site. We have carefully reviewed these Top Picks, and we are confident recommending them to you. Some of our Top Picks may not be suitable for all students, so we provide notes about content you might want to be aware of.

Homeschool History Top Pick

Because of the scope of this project and the time it takes to review each resource, we have chosen to include resources that we have not personally read, watched, or visited. We have looked at recommendations from other homeschoolers, read reviews when available, and spent time evaluating each resource before including it in the database.

We are not trying to list every possible resource about every possible subject. We are trying to list high quality resources about a wide range of subjects. If you come across resources about topics that you don't want to study with your children, please skip them. What is helpful for another family may not be helpful for yours, and vice versa.


Here are some examples of how we have decided to include or not include different types of content.

  • "The Past and the Curious" is a fun history podcast for kids. We have listened to several episodes. We feel good about the creator's focus on producing family-friendly content, so we have included all of the available episodes even though we have not listened to every one.
  • Google Arts & Culture is an effort to digitize collections from thousands of museums across the globe. Many museums have images that depict nudity, graphic violence, or other content you might not want your child to see. We have included websites like these even though we have not browsed through every single image available. We trust you to use discretion as you browse these websites.
  • The "Who Was?" series of books from Penguin Random House are short biographies of historical figures. They also have some about living people and historic locations. We have read some of these books, but not all. If we include a title about a certain person, that doesn't mean we endorse everything about that person. We have selectively chosen those we think would be valuable for homeschooling families who choose to use them.
  • TED-Ed creates high-quality animated videos that cover a wide range of topics. Some of them are fantastic, but some of them we cannot recommend to you. So, we are carefully reviewing each one before posting them on our site.

We Trust You

We are Christians, and our faith influences the resources we choose to recommend. Among the resources in our database that contain distinctly religious content, the viewpoints reflect a variety of Christian traditions (Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, etc.). Some resources discuss other religious perspectives, too (Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.). Many resources do not have distinctly religious content.

All sorts of homeschooling families can find resources here to help them study history. We are providing tools to help you make decisions, but ultimately, we trust you to choose for your family what you want to read, watch, and visit. We solicit your input as we continue to make this database bigger and better.