People Make History Podcast

We are doing preliminary work toward launching a podcast for families. We want to interview people with connections to the fields of history, geography, government, and economics.

We would be glad to interview prominent figures such as inventors, politicians, or military leaders. We also want to interview regular people like your grandparent or your neighbor who are willing to share their story. Maybe they are an immigrant, a veteran, a business owner, or a missionary. Our goal is to inspire children and parents to recognize the influence that one person can have by using their talents and experience for the good of others.

Who should we interview? Tell us what stands out to you about this person's story. If your suggested interviewee is a relative or friend, please provide the best contact phone or email you have. If the person is a public figure, please provide a link to a social media account or website if you can.

We can't promise to interview every person you suggest, but we would love to hear your ideas!